tar -xvf x.ova
qemu-img resize foo.qcow2 +2G # thin
qemu-img convert -p -f raw -O vhdx -o subformat=dynamic x.img x.vhdx


virtiofs Virtio-fs is used in production and has been available since Linux 5.4, QEMU 5.0, and libvirt 6.2.

Export a QEMU disk image using the NBD protocol.
Bind a /dev/nbdX block device to a QEMU server (on Linux).
As a client to query exports of a remote NBD server.


A new KVM feature which improves the handling of asynchronous page faults is available with -cpu ...,kvm-async-pf-int. This requires Linux 5.8.
Support for live migration of AMD systems with nested virtualization
A first version of virtio-mem, including virtio-mem-pci, for x86-64 has been included in QEMU.
Support for passing host filesystem directory to guest via virtiofsd
VMX features can be enabled/disabled via the "-cpu" flag.
Audio devices support an "audiodev" property that can be used to choose a specific backend to connect to the device.
virtio-gpu 2d/3d rendering may now be offloaded to an external vhost-user process, such as QEMU vhost-user-gpu. Use vhost-user-vga & vhost-user-gpu-pci for associated devices.
EDID interface for supported mdevs (Intel vGPU, host kernel v5.0+). Use options xres= and yres= to specify display resolution.
qcow2: Support for external data files
Support for AMD IOMMU interrupt remapping and guest virtual APIC mode.
Formatting of CPU models and flags reported with '-cpu help' has improved readability
The default NIC for the q35 machine type is now e1000e (Intel 82574)
Support for the "dedicated physical CPU" performance hint ("-cpu kvm-hint-dedicated=on")
KVM can advertise Hyper-V frequency MSRs when the TSC frequency is stable and known
QXL adds support for chunked cursors.
Support for generic PCIe to PCI bridge device pcie-pci-bridge, which supports SHPC and can replace the i82801b11 DMI to PCI bridge.
PCI bridges can pass information to the firmware regarding reservation of bus numbers, IO space and memory.
Support for TPM emulator
Experimental support for NVIDIA GPUDirect Cliques
2.10.0 - Debian 10 & Ubuntu 17.10 artful 18.04 bionic
QEMU is broken since 2.10 with Linux kernels < v3.15
Support for Solaris 9 and earlier has been removed.
qxl and virtio-gpu support two new properties for the default display resolution, xres and yres
Support for the vxhs(Veritas HyperScale) network protocol
"qemu-img resize" supports preallocation of the new parts of the image.
additional docker targets have been added which allow cross compilation build tests for arm, powerpc and mips. Run "make docker" for help.
2.8 - Debian 9 stretch / 8 jessie-backports & Ubuntu 17.04 zesty/zesty-updates
2.5 - Ubuntu 16.04 xenial/xenial-updates
2.1 - Debian 8 jessie
2.0 - Ubuntu 14.04 trusty/trusty-updates


qemu-system-aarch64 qemu-system-m68k qemu-system-mipsel qemu-system-s390x qemu-system-unicore32
qemu-system-alpha qemu-system-microblaze qemu-system-moxie qemu-system-sh4 qemu-system-x86_64
qemu-system-arm qemu-system-microblazeel qemu-system-or32 qemu-system-sh4eb qemu-system-x86_64-spice
qemu-system-cris qemu-system-mips qemu-system-ppc qemu-system-sparc qemu-system-xtensa
qemu-system-i386 qemu-system-mips64 qemu-system-ppc64 qemu-system-sparc64 qemu-system-xtensaeb
qemu-system-lm32 qemu-system-mips64el qemu-system-ppcemb qemu-system-tricore
# qemu-system-x86_64 -M ?
Supported machines are:
pc Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996) (alias of pc-i440fx-2.9)
pc-i440fx-2.9 Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996) (default)
q35 Standard PC (Q35 + ICH9, 2009) (alias of pc-q35-2.9)
isapc ISA-only PC
none empty machine